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Large Dogs Gallery


Swiss Mountain Dog
Owner: Caralyn
Alpha-Dog Graduate

Saxon liked to play bite and mark his territory while
Caralyn wanted to learn doggie communication skills.
Saxon had it difficult during his early years undergoing
several surgeries to repair his legs.  Medical issues
compounded his learning ability, but Caralyn persisted
with training techniques, learning about use of her hands!!!
Saxon successfully learned his place in the pack, over-
coming his urination problem, barking issue and play-biting (although this is a work in progress).  I'm sure Saxon willprovide Caralyn with years of unconditional love andcompanionship.  All the best and keep up the great work.

Yellow Lab
Owners: Allison and Brian
Alpha-Dog Graduate

Sampson is a 100 lb + rescued dog that had the client afraid he would jump their fence and/or bolt
out the open door.  Sampson would become excited when guests came to visit and liked to pull on the leash when walking.  Allison and Brian
wanted to upgrade their knowledge on basic obedience and learn about leadership.  Basic obedience and leadership training was the
call of order, Sampson, Allison and Brian
learning their lessons well.  The client now
has control of Sampson during guests visits
and he does not jump the fence!  They are
currently looking for a four legged friend for Sampson.

Old English Mastiff
Owners: Carla, Jesse& Family
Alpha-Dog Graduate

This gentle giant (128 lbs) was being somewhat
aggressive toward strangers and guests. Feeding his
energy was his cohort, Diesel (featured right).  This family learned various methods of space control and basic
obedience to get a handle on what seemed like a
mission impossible!  Learning that Diesel was more
of the problem than Dozer helped them understand
their dogs and will help them live happily ever after!

Old English Mastiff
Owners: Carla, Jesse & Family
Alpha-Dog Graduate

The other gentle giant (150 lbs), Diesel is very fearful and unsure of his abilities. He will sound the alarm, snapping Dozer to attention to help with what he perceives as a threat. With Diesel under control, Dozer became much more manageable.  Learning a proper heel helped the dogs understand who was in charge!

English Bulldog
Owners: Nancy and Doc
Alpha-Dog Graduate

Bruno lives up to his name as a Bully!!! :-) He definitely has
a mind and personality of his own as Nancy and Doc try to
master the techniques needed to control his behavior. 
When Bruno is sweet, he is the sweetest. When he is
rambunctious, he rips around like no other. Nancy  and Doc
have their hands full and need to continue to use what
Alpha-Dog taught them to gain the control they require to
handle an 80 lb. Bulldog.


Yellow Lab Mix
Owner: Terry
Alpha-Dog Graduate

Jessie is one of the happiest 85 pound dogs I
know, learning rules and boundaries along with his basic obedience. Jessie has an aggressive attitude toward other dogs, but responded well to Behavior Modification techniques. Terry must continue to maintain Jessie with lessons learned, having patience with his exuberant

Dalmatian Mix
Owners: Margie, Bill, Adrien
Alpha-Dog Graduate

Hines is a unique dog who was displaying leadership
in many areas.  Once the client took possession in
areas of leadership, Hines fell into line.  The client particularly liked lessons on space control,
especially introductions to guests and walking
 properly on leash.  Hines requires more conditioning,
but will soon be the best behaved dog on the block!


Great Dane
Owner: Katie
Alpha-Dog Graduate (Limited Technique)

Riley, a 110 lb dog with an aggression issue.  Riley would bark and act aggressively when the doorbell rang or there was a
knock upon the door and continue with the aggressive
attitude toward the guest(s).  Katie learned about
inadvertent reinforcement and how this was causing Riley to react.  We used discipline, including time out procedures,
and basic obedience to change Riley's perception about the true leader of the pack! 
Riley is now accepting Katie's role as the Alpha leader in charge of protection.

Owner: Johnathon
Alpha-Dog Graduate (Limited Technique)

Dre likes to dominate guests, showing his breed characteristic and was a little out of control when it came to the area of protection. Johnathon learned Alpha-Dog disciplinary procedures and obedience techniques to control Dre in various situations.  Dre is learning that he is not pack leader in charge of protection and that he cannot dominate guests without consequences.

Owners: Kim and Jay
Alpha-Dog Graduate

Irish Wolf Hound
Owners: Laurie & Mike
Alpha-Dog Graduate
(Limited Technique)
Yellow Lab
Owners: Mary Kay & Jeff
Alpha-Dog Graduate

Yellow Lab
Owners: Carol & Larry
 Alpha-Dog Graduate

Owners: Joanna & Robbie
Alpha-Dog Graduate

Diesel likes to "chill"
in front of the TV

Shiloh Shepherd
Owners: Alicia & Frank
Alpha-Dog Graduate

Basil & Basir
Mix Breed (Basil), Kangal dog (Basir)
Owner: Jason
Alpha-Dog Graduates

Abbie (R.I.P.)
Owner: Becky
85 lbs of Love
Alpha-Dog Kennel House Guest

Lab Mix
Owner: Joe
Alpha-Dog Graduate
Owners: Julie, Sean, David, Hannah, Lily
Alpha-Dog Graduate

Great Pyrenees
Alpha-Dog Kennel House Guest
(soon to be Alpha-Dog Graduate)
Chocolate Lab
Owners: Michelle & Devon
Alpha-Dog Graduate
Owner: Lashon
Alpha-Dog Graduate
Alpha-Dog Kennel House Guests
left to right: Maggie, Megan (Alpha-Dog Graduate-
Limited Technique Training), Molly
Chocolate Lab Mix
Owner: Krista
Alpha-Dog Graduate (Limited Technique)
Lab Mix
Alpha-Dog Kennel House Guest

Zeek (R.I.P.)
Labrador Retriever
Owner: Bill
A trained hunting dog