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Welcome to Alpha-Dog, an online resource for 
Professional Dog Obedience and Training

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Learn how to communicate with your dog in a way that your best friend will understand! Become skilled at teaching your family pet that you are a benevolent ALPHA LEADER!

To Read Excerpts from an Alpha-Dog Training Journal, complete with video, click on "Bruno the Third - English Bulldog" below.  TRAINER'S COMMENTS -  Nancy and Doc are elderly folks, two of the kindest, most determined people I have had the pleasure of working with.  Bruno is a rather rambunctious 70+ pound Bulldog who was not about to "whip" Nancy and Doc!  See below!

Bruno the Third - English Bulldog

Alpha-Dog Dog Obedience and Training Consultants provide professional, customized, one-on-one, hands on dog obedience and leadership training with you and your dog at your own home. And yes, dog obedience and leadership training do work together, forming a bond or trust between handler and dog. Working in your dog’s domain provides us the ability to customize a dog obedience and leadership program, designed with our philosophy in mind, to focus on the individual client and their dog. Implementing your customized dog obedience and leadership program through hands on guided training in your home has proven to be very effective for achieving obedient dog behavior. Because most issues and problems with your dogs behavior begin at home where you and your dog spend most of your time, it makes sense that this is where dog obedience and leadership training should begin. Indeed, well trained, obedient dogs are not an accidental happening or the result of some quick and easy fix. If it were we would all own well trained dogs!

A trained, obedient dog is the result of what you put into it; commitment, patience and a proven training technique. And, of course, the training process must be fun and a positive experience for both you and your dog. At Alpha-Dog, we have a fun, common sense approach to dog obedience and leadership training that fits your everyday schedule. A positive alternative in dog training that actually works.

Master Trainer/Behaviorist Earl Preeper with Schotzie, Orbie, Sammy and Lillie.  Teaching four dogs to walk together takes time and patience. Earl routinely walks/runs with all four dogs simultaneously using an Alpha-Dog Shoulder Leash.
Learn How to Address and Deal With...

* Basic Obedience Skills
* Leadership Issues
* Redirection Instead of Domination
* House Training
* Crate Training
* Jumping
* Excessive Barking
* Chewing
* Play Biting
* Anxiety Issues
* Aggression

(Look for definitions of the above terms under the About Us tab
at the top of the page)
What is really great is that we will come to you, evaluate your environment and customize a training program specifically designed for the needs of you and your dog. We will then work with you and your dog at your home where the problems or issues originate. We assure you that training the Alpha-Dog method will not be a burden and will fit into your daily routine. It will become part of your everyday lifestyle! Your training program is also documented on computer and provided to you at completion of the training program for you to see what you and your dog have accomplished along with a certified training package (this is really neat and something you and your dog can be proud of!).

When you stop walking your dogs
should stop also and patiently await
your directions.
You will also be provided with photo illustrations of each training session as we work through the training process. This will enable you to look back and see how techniques are performed. Furthermore, Earl is on 24 hour call for you during the training process. As your dog goes through the aging process other problems or issues may originate, leaving you with questions about what you should do. The best part about the Alpha-Dog obedience and leadership training program is that we are on call for you via telephone, text message or e-mail for the life of your dog. So when other problems or issues become evident and are a concern, you can just contact Alpha-Dog and we will be there to help you through the rough times.

What’s more, at Alpha-Dog we have a fee structure for personal, one-on-one, at your home training that will suit your needs and your budget. At Alpha-Dog, we are pet owners and pet lovers too. We care about you and your family pet and will do whatever we can to make you both happy.

Contact Us today for a no obligation, in home consultation.  (There is a small fee associated with the consultation, however, this fee is waived if you decide to use Alpha-Dog to help with the issues you and your dog are having).  Please ask us about this!

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